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Project Works Design has extensive experience in designing child care facilities throughout Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast and all areas of NSW. We have been Accredited for the Certification of Childcare Centres since 2004 and have provided certification for more than 20 childcare facilities and designed numerous new childcare centres.

The Education and Care Services National Regulation came into effect in on the 1st of January 2012 and is the governing document for the design and operation of a childcare facility. The Education and Care Services National Regulation supersedes all other state based regulations which previously determined the design of a facility. So if you are planning to build a new childcare facility or are selling an existing childcare facility, we have the qualifications and experience to assist you in a timely and efficient manner.

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Environments for growth, creativity and learning

Many studies have shown the importance of the physical environment in supporting child development. Play is an essential activity for every child in assisting their social and physical development so their childcare environment needs to inspire fun and creativity.

Our architectural designs for kindergartens, preschools and childcare centres are driven by our belief that childcare spaces should provide a variety of age-specific sensory and learning experiences and meet the physical needs of the children in a safe and secure environment.

Well-designed functionality

Project Works Design understands that a balanced design is required in childcare centres to ensure they provide a suitable, easy to use and practical environment for the supervising carers.

A well-designed preschool or childcare centre benefits not only the child, by enhancing their imagination and development, but also practically supports the supervising staff, allowing them to focus on the care and development of the children.

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Safe, compliant childcare spaces

While preschools, long day care centres, kindergartens and childcare centres are in much demand and a growth area in Australia, we understand that the development of a childcare centre must be assessed against the physical suitability of the chosen site, local Council objectives and the strict requirements of the Child Services Regulations to determine its feasibility.

We also understand that experience in the design of previous preschools, long day care centres, kindergartens and childcare centres is extremely important. As building designers, we have learnt from every new childcare centre and from every new director that we have worked with. On each occasion, we have gained a deeper understanding of the principles of good childcare practice, as we continue to explore ways to turn these principles into three-dimensional spaces that enhance the children’s developmental growth.

Project Works Design is now well known as the leading specialist childcare Centre building design practice in Sydney, while acknowledging that we continue to ‘push the architectural boundaries‘ in providing building forms that enhance a child’s development.

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